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To DIY or Not to DIY

You could Design & Buy your kitchen yourself.

You could Project Manage it yourself, finding, co-ordinating and organising trustworthy, experienced, honest tradesmen to carry out any Construction, Plumbing, Electrics, Plastering, Tiling, Flooring, Installation, Worktop Fabrication and anything else to get you the kitchen of your dreams.

You could Resolve any Issues that arise as the project progresses. Issues cause delays, often resulting in not being able to get the tradesmen when you want them.

This is what customers will experience if they buy from B&Q (see press release below).

OR, you could choose Fitted Home, to do this for you. We work flexibly with all our clients, enabling you to be as involved in the process as you want. Our fitters have over 20 years’ experience in various trades, therefore, resolve any issues as they arise, minimising the risk of project delays.

Fitted Home clients can enjoy the experience of living and sharing their new kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces more quickly than those who choose to buy from the big, multi-national retailers.

B&Q Press Release

B&Q will close its Homefit Installation Service in December in what it describes as a bid to simplify its kitchen and bathroom operation and provide customers with a more streamlined offering.

The company continued to sell the installation service to its customers until the July 9 and will complete its installations for customers until December, when it is planning to close the whole service.

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