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The SpaceTower Shop Launch

Unlike NASA and Roscosmos, Fitted Home's SpaceTower Shop launch is not going to be delayed by the weather, technical difficulties are all that will stop us.

Time and date of launch are yet to be confirmed, currently estimated for mid September. In the meantime, you can watch NASA launch Discovery into Space.

NASA might be able to launch the Space Shuttle, but can they launch a SpaceTower?
NASA Discovery Launch

The SpaceTower is an affordable, innovative storage solution suitable for modern, contemporary and traditional kitchens.

SpaceTowers use a High Load Bearing Drawer system, allowing you to fill them up with all sorts of goodies.

The SpaceTower system means you don't need to empty your larder to get to the stuff at the back of the shelf, you just pull the drawer to you. It is a great solution for everyone, regardless of physical ability, age, or anything else that means traditional storage solutions are not working effectively.

SpaceTowers can save you money and reduce your waste, as you know longer have to worry about your groceries going out of date because they have slipped to the back of the cupboard and been forgotten about.

Out of Date Groceries overload traditional kitchen cupboards, but your kitchen doesn't have to be like this.
Cupboards full of Out of Date Groceries

Once launched, Fitted Home's SpaceTower Shop, you will be able to get your own piece of innovative storage for any room in your home. SpaceTowers are not just for kitchens, they can go in your utility, bedroom, walk in wardrobe, wherever you need efficient storage.

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